Partnership Firm Registration

We offer Partnership Firm registration at a competitive price in Chennai.

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Partnership Firm Registration

ChennaiFilings is the top-rated compliance service platform for availing Partnership Registration services.

Partnership registration is done for a business in which two or more persons jointly operate the business as stated in the partnership deed. It is mandatory for the partners to agree upon the name of the partnership and set up the terms for the partnership deed. We at ChennaiFilings provide the best partnership registration services in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Our legal experts are very skilled at creating the partnership deeds in such a way that it satisfies the needs of the partners associated.

Our top partnership registration services are available in 3 packages each carrying with it a set of benefits. These packages named Basic, Eco and Pro are available to ensure the flexibility of services as per the clients’ needs and requirements. In addition to providing the best partnership registration, we also provide other services as a part of add-ons like web portal, GST registration, partnership deed, opening bank current account, etc.

Advantages of registering for a Partnership

Registration steps for a Partnership business

The following steps indicate the process for Partnership Registration online

  • Filing of application with the fees at the registrar of business of the state where it is to be registered
  • Application forms for Partnership business registration to be signed by all the involved partners or agents
  • Creation of partnership deed on a stamp paper that is to be signed by all partners with authentication
  • Letter of authorization approving ADAC to appear on behalf of you
  • After verification of all the documents, the registrar approves the partnership registration and provide a certificate of registration

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