Private Limited Registration

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Private Limited Registration

We fulfill every entrepreneur’s dream of starting a successful business.

Private limited company registration is one of the most preferred business entities in India because of its stability. A private limited company is recognized as a separate legal entity and can have PAN, bank accounts, licenses, assets, liabilities, etc. in its own distinguished name. ChennaiFilings is reputed for its exceptional top registration services and provides the best Private Limited registrations in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We help take care of all the registration needs and cover the basic needs of Digital signatures, DIN, name approval, incorporation kit, PAN, TAN, GST registration and many more in our basic registration suite.

In addition to the basic suite, we also provide an Eco and Pro suite where additional features are added so that the client can select the registration suite that best fits their needs. With ChennaiFilings handling your private limited registration, you can concentrate on growing your business with ease. We are the most dedicated platform to fulfill all your registration and filing services. If you’re looking for the best private limited registration service in Chennai, then ChennaiFilings is the top choice.

Benefits of having a Private Limited Registration

The registration process for a Private limited company

  • Digital Signature registration
  • The first step in the process for registration of a Private limited company is to obtain a Digital Signature by presenting oneself before registering authority to prove the identity

  • Company name and objective submission
  • Submitting an appropriate name that is exclusive to your company along with the company objective. While submitting the name be sure it’s unique and conforms to the name availability guidelines

  • MOA and AOA draft
  • The next step is the drafting of the Memorandum of Association and AOA is the Articles of Association which contains the objective, rules and regulations of a company.

  • MOA, AOA filing with MCA
  • The filing of the drafted MOA and AFA with the MCA is to be done for the approval of the Private limited registration. The company must have Private Limited attached to its name.

  • Obtaining a registration certificate from MCA
  • A registration certificate will be obtained from the MCA after all the documents required for the private limited registration are processed and approved.

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