Trademark Registration

We offer Trademark registration at a competitive price in Chennai.

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Trademark Registration

ChennaiFIlings offers expert Trademark registration and renewal services in Chennai.

Trademark is the unique identifier of brands and is referred to as the brands’ logo or symbol. The trademark of a business can be its name, a word, phrase, logo, image or a combination of all these. We at ChennaiFilings provide the best Trademark registration service in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We provide the ultimate security for your business name, brand name, logo or emblem through our trademark registration service.

A trademark is used as a marketing tool that creates awareness and recognition of products or services among the customers. We have three different types of suites trademark registration packages from which the clients can choose their preferable package of services. We provide not only the best Trademark registration services in Chennai but also other related services like letterhead design, company profile creation, pattern design, bank proposal, etc. Every trademark in India is valid for a period of 10 years after which it has to be renewed again. ChennaiFilings in addition to providing hassle-free trademark registration services also provides the best Trademark renewal services in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Trademark registration process

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