One Person Company Registration

We offer One Person Company registration at a competitive price in Chennai.

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One Person Company Registration

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A one person company differs from a proprietorship firm in that, it has all the advantages and responsibilities available for a Private Limited company while it works like a proprietorship firm where a single entrepreneur can operate the company. After 2 years of running a one person company if a turnover of more than Rupees 2 crores is met then the one person company can be converted into a Private limited firm. We at ChennaiFilings provide the best one person company registration services in Chennai, our legal experts provide the best guidance and consultation to help an entrepreneur grow into a successful one.

ChennaiFilings is well reputed for its top one person company registration, while also providing exceptional services like creation of DIN, Digital Signature’s, GST registration, Financial statement preparation, Web portal, IE code and many more. You can visit our website or just give us a call to enquire more and get expert guidance from our legal experts.

Benefits of a One Person Company

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